Was Percy Jackson Moment Magical? Why’d SNL Not Bring Back Giuliani? Why Did The Voice Top 5 Freak Out? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Saturday Night Live, Fargo and Curb Your Enthusiasm!

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1 | Now that Curb Your Enthusiasm has a final-season premiere date, how do you think that might relate to Jerry Seinfeld’s recent-ish tease about revisiting the Seinfeld series finale?

2 | What surprised you more about Kate McKinnon’s SNL homecoming: That none of her former castmates (namely Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong) returned for a cameo, or that she didn’t reprise any of her truly signature characters? (If there was ever a week to bring back Rudy Giuliani, this would’ve been it!) And will there ever be another Joke Swap as good as this one? 

3 | As satisfying as it was to see Lawmen: Bass Reeves‘ Jennie slap Rachel in the finale, weren’t you kinda hoping to see Bass’ wife be a badass like she was in the confrontation that was hyped in the show’s trailers? 

4 | Did you catch Last Week Tonight’s tribute to the late, great Andre Braugher (“Holtus In Aeternum”) at the start of Sunday’s Season 10 finale?

5 | Since they aren’t sequestered like, say, contestants on Big Brother, why did the Top 5 on The Voice freak out so much over messages from their nearest and dearest in the finale?

6 | Which LEGO Masters holiday special builder seemed less whelmed by their celebrity partner: Krystle with Rob Riggle, or Caleb with NeNe Leakes?

7 | If you took a drink every time Password’s Jimmy Fallon got up from his chair after delivering a correct answer to cheer himself… how are you still alive?! Also, knowing how far in advance game shows are typically taped/outdated the celebrity player’s TV credits can be, were you stunned that Keke Palmer made reference to Jon Cryer’s Extended Family premiering this Christmas break? 

8 | Is anyone else already tearing up over the NCIS/David McCallum/Ducky tribute episode? Co-written by Brian Dietzen aka Jimmy Palmer, no less? 

9 | Between the NCIS: Sydney discussion, the Squid Game: The Challenge finale and now an animated Nickelodeon series, can we agree that “Rock, Paper, Scissors” is having quite a moment?

10 | How on earth did the forthcoming action-adventure series starring Apple TV+ vets Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso, Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas) and Octavia Spencer (Truth Be Told, Spirited) wind up not at Apple, but at Amazon’s Prime Video?

11 | On Fargo, did anyone catch the “upside-down”-themed Easter egg that Jon Hamm blurted out in front of Stranger Things star Joe Keery?

12 | After watching A Murder at the End of the World’s finale, we’re left with one pressing question: How could this show let Raúl Esparza go so underutilized?

13 | On Percy Jackson and the Olympians, who else was relieved that we actually got to see Poseidon choose Percy as his son?

14 | Friends fans, are you weirdly rooting for new Bachelor star Joey to find love with the female contestant who happens to be named… Chandler?

15 | Is Survivor‘s Dee the best winner of the game’s new era so far? And let’s say Katurah hadn’t changed her vote at the last second and Dee was voted out at the Final 5 — who do you think would’ve won the game then?

16 | Did any other Masked Singer viewers have a hard time focusing on Donut’s truly sad story because of the horrifyingly frozen “baked-good scream” that was happening on his torso all season? Or, in light of everything that’s come out since John Scheider’s unmasking, was the costume trying to tell us something all along?

17 | As bizarre as it will be to see reruns of The Conners air as part of The CW’s primetime lineup come January, it’s probably going to be their highest rated acquisition, right? 

18 | Regarding the newest Reacher episode, isn’t it risky for A.M. to assume/travel under the identity of someone whose dead body will soon be discovered…?  

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own!

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