Was Doctor Who Acting Shade-y? Are Reindeer Games Kinda Great? Can Someone Please Stream Homicide Already? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Doctor Who, Big Brother Reindeer Games, The Masked Singer, Quantum Leap and more!

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1 | Are you of the mind that the third Doctor Who special’s marionette show was Russell T Davies shading predecessor Steven Moffat for killing off (yet not) so many companions?

Lifetime Movie Sex Scene

2 | Didn’t Lifetime’s A Cowboy Christmas Romance feel like a good setup for a TV series? And was the best part of that much-hyped sex scene Lexie saying, “Merry Christmas to me” when Coby took off his shirt?

3 | Following Hallmark Channel’s time-loop Hanukkah movie Round and Round, which namechecked Groundhog Day, Palm Springs, Paper Girls, WandaVision and more, are you convinced that the network execs gave all their movie writers the note this year to put pop culture references in their movies? (Christmas in Notting Hill also had Gilmore Girls and Ted Lasso shoutouts!)

4 | Given how close a relationship Bass Reeves and Jennie have, were you surprised he hadn’t mentioned Curtis to her before this week’s episode?

5 | Exercisers of the ’90s: Did Boosie BadAzz’ performance in A Grammy Salute to 50 Years of Hip Hop — particularly the background dancers on adjustable risers — make you nostalgic for the heyday of step aerobics?

6 | What exactly will determine the winner of the Golden Globes’

new “Cinematic and Box Office Achievement” category? We already know which nominee had the biggest box office, and probably which was most profitable. So… is it the best, quality-wise, of the nominated blockbusters? But if so, wouldn’t this year’s Best Drama or Comedy winner, if among them, effectively win twice

7 | Hang on: Is Big Brother Reindeer Games… actually kinda great? Lots of competitions, a little bit of strategizing, and virtually no filler? Why can’t every summer be like this? 

7.5 | Does Fargo’s Lorraine need to hire a new security team, since they somehow let Dot sneak onto the property and take away Scotty while they were busy hassling Danish for his ID? 

8 | Any other Masked Singer watchers unable to think about anything than Hall & Oates’ recent, sad legal battle when Anteater was unmasked this week?

9 | Did it take you a minute to realize that, beneath that mane of hair and salt-n-pepper beard, Magnum P.I.‘s sus professor was Adult Henry from Once Upon a Time (aka Andrew West)?

10 | TVLine reader Gab raises a good Quantum Leap nitpick: “How can an invisible hologram cast a shadow?” (Ooh, we have an answer: Tens of thousands of saved VFX dollars.)

11 | Which Amazing Race challenge was more stressful to watch: Rob struggling on the trapeze bar or brothers Greg and John breaking glass after glass? And has there ever been a more likable Final 3 in the history of the Race? Which pair were you rooting for? 

12 | Even with Jake’s big plan to oust Drew on Survivor, is his move enough of a resume booster to win him the game? And heading into next week’s finale, which castaway do you have your money on? 

13 | Is The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion the franchise’s worst season ever? If not, what is?

14 | Curb Your Enthusiasm fans, are you still a little skeptical that the upcoming Season 12 will indeed be the final season? Couldn’t you see Larry David deciding in five years or so to bring it back again?

15 | What are the chances Apple TV+’s forthcoming series Government Cheese and Murderbot retain those titles? And what one-word titles — presumably starting with the letter “S” (see: See, Servant, Severance, Shrinking, Silo, Surface, Suspicion, Swagger….) — will they receive instead?

16 | Now that we know Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is slated for a summer 2024 release on Netflix, can we pencil Eddie Murphy in to host the SNL season finale in May? And as TVLine reader Rob points out, if Netflix wanted to shorten the sequel’s title, why not go with Beverly Hills Cop AF? It was right there

17 | Were you starting to like Bookie’s Danny… until you found out that he’s been screwing around on Sandra? And does an eight-episode comedy really need a filler episode like Episode 5, with multiple montages of Danny and Ray giving the women in their life stolen jewelry, then eventually taking it back?

18 | Is For All Mankind’s Miles Dale the new Danny, making one bad decision after another? 

19 | Think any streamers are kicking themselves right now for not ponying up the dollars to make Andre Baugher’s Homicide: Life on the Street bingeable?

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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