The Brothers Sun Finale: Did You Catch That Post-Credits Scene?

Loyalty means everything in a family, especially when your loved ones can kill you with one flick of the wrist.

The Brothers Sun has built up to the finale with two-faced characters, killer fight scenes, and whiplash from sudden deaths and betrayals. In Episode 8, it’s time to say goodbye to the dysfunctional Suns.

In a minute, we’ll want to hear what you thought of the finale. But first, let’s recap what happens in “Protect the Family.”

Episode 7 left us in the aftermath of a failed Triad meeting where a new Dragon Head was going to be elected. The police captured a few Triad members and the Boxers rid the world of a little bit of evil by killing as many members as they could.

The finale opens on Frank Ma, a Triad family head, being held for questioning. He’s willing to give the police information to take down all the Triads in exchange for immunity and safe passage back to Taiwan, but only if Big Sun is behind bars.

Big Sun is at the centerpiece of a lot of people’s freedom, but who is brave and cunning enough to stop him?

Bruce and Eileen are forced into hiding again — he’s blamed for being the reason the meeting was ambushed, and she went behind Big Sun’s back. Eileen is angry with Bruce for ruining her plan to become the next Dragon Head. After going into hiding and protecting the family — especially Big Sun — for years, she says, she wants a reward for her loyalty.


Meanwhile, Bruce just wants to go back to how things were when he and his mom weren’t tangled up in the family’s hierarchy. I become an even bigger fan of Bruce when he says, “You are not a crime boss. You are my mom.” He knows his mother in ways she doesn’t want to admit to.

Charles, sent by Big Sun, tries to kill Bruce for betraying the family. Bruce counters that what he did protected the Suns, even if they don’t want to see that leading a Triad family is killing them and tearing them apart. Bruce and Charles have different senses of what familial duty means.

Bruce suggests that the only way for any of them to get out is for Charles to kill Big Sun. Charles isn’t on board until Eileen finally tells him he was raised by Big Sun to be nothing more than a loyal soldier. Charles had to be tested at a young age to ensure he had potential, thus crafting the chair-leg moment that gave him his nickname. The only reason Eileen didn’t push back, she says, is because she could only save one son.

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Charles, who is trapped in a game of obeying his father and loving his brother, can’t escape with his mother and Bruce until he faces Big Sun to ask for his blessing to leave.

On the way, though, he realizes his phone has a tracker, put in by Alexis. She led the police to the Triad meeting. Alexis put her job before Charles while he was willing to give her his heart. This betrayal fuels him to betray Big Sun, to whom he gave his life.

Big Sun is more focused on taking over the businesses and soldiers of the other Triads when Charles arrives. Protecting the family and respecting tradition are the most important to Big Sun, which is why he wants his younger son dead. America has made Charles soft, Big Sun says, so he’ll send someone who would never disobey him to kill Bruce.

Charles attempts to stop Xing from going after Eileen and Bruce, which gets him arrested for firing a gun in public. While he’s in police custody, worrying, it turns out that Eileen can handle herself just fine — she kills Xing with a telephone cord. And when Charles won’t give up Big Sun’s location, Bruce decides it’s time to set his brother, his mother and himself free.


“Neither of us has ever been given the chance to choose anything,” he tells Charles as he makes a conscious decision to protect their family. Tragedy finally brings the brothers together, and they realize they’re more alike than they and their parents realize.

Bruce wants to handle Big Sun himself. He doesn’t want power, or to be a disappointment, or to kill anyone else: He wants freedom. Bruce shoots his dad in the shoulder to wound him, leaving Big Sun to choose whether to bleed out or be arrested when he calls an ambulance.

With her freedom from Big Sun, Eileen decides to lead the Jade Dragons in Taiwan, with Charles choosing to give up his new bakery to be by her side.

We leave Season 1 on a high note, hopeful about the future for the three Suns. Charles and his mother return to Taipei so she can lead the Jade Dragons. Bruce keeps his green Lamborghini.

But they can’t completely scrub the blood from their hands. There is an post-credits scene where Yuan, Big Sun’s right-hand man, is told by a mysterious man that the police have hidden Frank Ma — they are relying on his testimony against the other Triad family heads. Yuan laughs mischievously when he’s told Frank Ma won’t be found before the trial.

While you’re pondering whether there will, or should be, a second season of The Brothers Sun, make sure to grade the finale — and the season as a whole — via the polls below. Then hit the comments with your thoughts!



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