Survivor Recap: Who Fell Just One Tribal Short of Making the Final 5?

Season 45 of Survivor is rapidly approaching its end, but before we get to next week’s three-hour finale: here’s another blindside!

At the top of Wednesday’s episode, Dee lies about telling Julie about last week’s vote, and quite frankly, it’s SHOCKING that Austin believes her. Austin! Dude. You told Dee information. That information went directly to Julie. Do the math, man! Since Drew “blew up the Reba alliance” (according to Julie), I think it’s safe to say that the relationship status of this foursome has officially been changed to “It’s Complicated.”

REWARD | The players use ropes to keep their balance on a barrel, while they collect three sets of keys. The keys unlock a slide puzzle and the first to finish wins a picnic in the middle of the ocean. Oh, and they’ll get there via helicopter. Worth playing for, indeed!

Austin is the first to the puzzle and the first to finish it. He elects to take Dee and Katurah to the sandspit feast, and Drew, normally calm and composed, seems a l’il salty.

CAMP | Drew says he feels like the babysitter, and yet, he allows Jake and Julie to frolic alone in the woods. (Sure, they won’t immediately

start looking for idols LOLZ.) Jake tells her he’s the “fun babysitter,” so they both get to looking. (DREW, YOU HAD ONE JOB!) Later after ditching Mama J, Jake does end up finding a clue to the hidden immunity idol. The goods are located in a secret compartment in the tribe’s bamboo raft. Jake strips down to his underwear (because apparently that’s a great cover story?) and eventually finds that sweet, sweet idol.

Survivor 45 Episode 12

IMMUNITY IS BACK UP FOR GRABS | For this challenge, players put one foot on one end of a hinged beam. On the other end is a ball on a platform. When the ball drops, they’re out. Dee inhibits her inner flamingo, or better yet, her inner flamingo statue and wins the necklace after a tense showdown with Austin. Welcome to the Final 5, Dee.

STRATEGY | Jake concocts a plan to pull Katurah in and (with Julie) vote for Drew. His thinking: He needs a resume booster and voting Julie out does nothing for his game. He tells Katurah about his plan and tells her not to tell Dee. Katurah tells her anyway. Dee says she wants to vote Drew out, but is she telling the truth?

Dee is now torn about bringing Austin in on the plan. He did, after all, give her a heads up about last week’s Julie vote, which allowed Dee to tip Julie off. So what’d she ultimately decide? Who knows! We’re heading to Tribal Council!

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN | Jeff asks about Austin’s decision to leave Drew behind after winning the reward, and everyone is all smiles and laughs as they talk about babysitting again. But while everyone jokes their way through Tribal, Jeff asks the group about weighing their personal relationships with the game, at large. Drew’s confidence comes out in a big way. He tells Jeff that if he survives tonight, he sees his way to the very end. But Julie (rightfully so) isn’t feeling so safe.

The votes are cast and Austin plays his amulet idol on himself. But when Jeff reads the votes, Austin’s safe anyway. But his ally Drew? He’s sent to Ponderosa with four votes to his name. (Read our Q&A with Drew here.)

Now that we have our Final 5, who do you think is going to win Season 45? Let us know by dropping a comment.

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