Quantum Leap Recap: Ben and Hannah Reunite in Egypt — Plus, Tom Drops a Major Bombshell

The world of espionage isn’t all fun and games.

That’s the lesson Ben learned in Quantum Leap‘s midseason finale on Wednesday, which took him to Giza, Egypt in the year 1961. After landing in the body of Michael, a spy from London, he was tasked with helping Layla (guest star Azita Ghanizada), an East German spy, escape the city so he could make his next leap.

Layla was meeting with a traitor who’d been leaking sensitive intel, and CIA agent Barnes (Lou Diamond Phillips) ordered Ben to plant a bug to make an arrest.

In the present, Tom and Addison went about their normal lives making breakfast together. But then Addison found an engagement ring in a drawer, appearing stunned before quickly putting it away.

When Hannah correctly guessed that Ben was talking to his hologram, Ben introduced Addison — who Hannah couldn’t see — as “the only link to where I’m from.” The trio quickly worked through the awkward moment, though, with Addison suggesting that Ben use Hannah as his cover. However, the operation went awry because Ben bugged the wrong shop. Hannah’s quick thinking, posing as a hysterical American woman, served as the perfect distraction as Ben moved the transmitter to the right location with Layla’s help.

But Layla wasn’t pleased that Ben essentially undermined her and doubted his good intentions. Hannah passionately defended him, recounting how he saved her life as well as many others because he cared. As she spoke, it finally clicked for Addison that the reason the accelerator kept brining Ben and Hannah together was because they were in love.

Addison talked through her complicated feelings with Magic. She admitted to being happy with Tom but still missed Ben and didn’t know how she was supposed to feel about his romance with Hannah. Magic reminded her to live in the now instead of waiting for a future that might not ever happen.

Heeding his advice, Addison told Ben that she loved him and wanted to him to be happy, even if it was awkward for them. Ben reciprocated her feelings, adding that he liked Tom.

As they waited for Layla to leave Cairo, they realized her cover was blown because Barnes made the arrest too quickly. Believing Layla to be dead, an upset Ben leaned on Hannah for emotional support. Not only had he failed his mission, but he was also stuck in 1961. Ever the optimist, Hannah noted that he could still help people without the time traveling.

There was still hope for Ben, though. Barnes revealed that Layla was still alive, meaning Ben still had a chance to save her. With help from the team at HQ — and Hannah acting as his cover — Ben successfully got Layla out of Cairo.  

As he prepared to leap into the next body, he told Hannah that he would miss her. Hannah then made him promise that he would find her next time so that she didn’t have to walk up to strangers wondering if it’s him. After another romantic kiss, they parted, and Ben made the jump.  

Back in the present, Tom returned from an abrupt trip from Washington D.C. with big news. Addison braced herself for a proposal, but then he whipped out a giant file.

“What is this?” she inquired.

“A way to bring Ben home,” Tom revealed.

What do you think? Will they bring Ben home this season?

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