La Brea Stars Promise ‘Time Travel, Dinosaurs, Romance, Death’ and ‘Badass’ Izzy in Final Season

Ask the La Brea cast what wild and crazy things the NBC sci-fi drama has on tap for its six-episode farewell run, and there is an overwhelming, T. Rex-sized consensus.

Dinosaurs!” — as Eoin Macken (who plays Gavin), Nicholas Gonzalez (Levi) and Zyra Gorecki (Izzy) all respond when TVLine asked for a Season 3 overview.

So many dinosaurs,” Macken elaborates. “Think of all the dinosaurs you ever thought of in your life, and they’re all in there.” (He is exaggerating, of course… thought not by much, based on TVLine’s screening of the first few episodes. Watch a dino-mite sneak peek above.)

“We’ve got time travel, dinosaurs, romance, death…. All sorts of stuff,” Macken declares.

As La Brea Season 2 came to a close, myriad auroras had appeared in the sky, allowing people (and, yes, dinosaurs!) from other eras to drop in on 10,000 B.C. When Season 3 kicks off on Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 9/8c, the Clearing that the survivors have called home since tumbling through the L.A. sinkhole is destroyed by a dino-brawl, leaving Gavin, Levi et al to find a new place to live. 

And all the while wondering where/when Eve blipped! away to at the close of the Season 2 finale.

Seeing as the heroes are now fresh out of portals — and series vet Natalie Zea is confirmed to have a sharply reduced presence — what exactly is the plan on the Eve-finding front?

“To blame Levi, evidently!” quips Gonzalez. “I’m all bent out of shape at the beginning of Season 3, feeling totally alone and lost.

“Everyone is bereft of any hope,” Gonzalez continues, “but now we begin the rebuild. And that’s the strength of this show, these characters having to come together and figure out a way home. Or at least attempt to.”

The Harris family that the disappeared Eve left behind, though, is far less optimistic.

“It’s difficult, because for the first time they’re not quite sure what to do. Gavin is not sure what to do,” says Macken. That leads to “a change in that dynamic between Gavin and [daughter] Izzy, because for the first time they think there might not be any hope. Initially, there’s a certain despondence and acceptance that this might be it, and they’re stuck down there. They’ll have to look at the world and their relationships differently before they can figure out, ‘Can they actually get home?'”

Izzy in the meantime will channel her inner Katniss Everdeen and learn how to be handy with a bow and arrow — thanks to a few pointers from a Mean 10,000 B.C. Girl she meets at Paara’s village.

As glimpsed in trailer and promos, “Izzy’s getting some stuff done, she’s a little badass,” Gorecki effuses. “That’s what happens when you lose your mom, for a second time, and you’re stuck in 10,000 B.C. Gotta find a hobby!”

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