Eurovision hopeful Bambie Thug eager to keep Ireland’s winning record

Eurosong is just around the corner and we have some really incredible artists competing to represent Ireland at Eurovision this year..

We caught up with Cork artist, Bambie Thug whose song is entitled Doomsday Blues, a relatable title to say the least!

The non-binary artist is a force to be reckoned with, a completely independent artist who has amassed over 45k monthly listeners via their unique, self-styled Ouija Pop.

So how are they feeling about Eurosong?

Hey Bambie! Congratulations on getting to Eurosong, are you nervous about Friday?

I’m slightly nervous, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous, but I am excited. I’m excited and nervous, combined.

You’re not only representing Ireland, you’re representing Cork! Which is more nerve-wracking?

I know! [Laughs] It would be so amazing to represent Cork and I feel like really for the last few years anyways Cork hasn’t had any kind of like spotlight on it at all! This place is so fruitful for poets, poetry and dance and like it’s got the school of music, and it got this beautiful, classical conservation, like it’s so chocker block full of art, here. I’d love to represent my city obviously and you know what Cork fans are like, their mental, so that would be great.

You must be a fan of Eurovision!

I am, I used to watch it a lot growing up. When I was old enough, my sister would bring me to her friend’s Eurovision party. I’ve three sisters and there is one where I was like, “I want to be her, I want to be her” and then suddenly when I was cool enough, I was allowed to go with her to watch it. So, it’s quite special for me in that regard as well and in the last few years, I’ve just been watching it with my friends in the UK, which is also special.

But I think my main wholesome memories of it are with my sister. I think what’s the most incredible part is that it caters to so many styles of music. It’s one of the biggest stages in the world, and I always have great production value on those things, and I think that’s wicked as well.

Why do you feel like 2024 is the perfect year to take part in Eurovision?

We are now tied with Sweden and it’s ABBA’s 50th anniversary of winning with Waterloo. I have Swedish heritage and I kind of saw that as a sign and also I was like “Oh my God, if I get through this year will I get to see ABBA?” [Laughs] I love them so much. And we can’t have Sweden be above us again. It’s always something I’ve thought about doing, but I just kind of took the push this year. I was really encouraged by my friends and as soon as I said that I was thinking of entering everyone was like “Yeah, of course you have to do this”.

How are you feeling about performing on the Late Late Show? Your music might not be what they’re used to!

People keep saying this to me, but I have a lot of faith in my artistry regardless if it’s me screaming or not, to be able to, I guess hold the attention of anyone really. When I was on Ray D’arcy the other day, he said that somebody texted in and she was like “I’m 70 years old and that song is incredible, it’s my favourite song”. So, there is hope! I mean statistically you never going to be everybody’s cup of tea, right, there’s going to be people who hate you, there going to be people who love you and then there going to be people who are kind of indifferent to you. Whether it’s fans, friends like just people in general. I’d love for the whole audience to adore me but I know they won’t! I have a feeling that maybe more people will tune in online to this now, you know because it’s getting quite a lot of heat online.

And you get to show your personality as well!

I’m hopeful you know, I think they talk to us on the night as well which I think could help persuade the audience who are watching to not think I’m like really scary. So, fingers crossed they get to hear me speak and then they just realise that I’m a little nerdy goth. I have faith, I have faith in the Irish people like do you know what I mean, I’m Irish, I have faith in my people.

Some people might turn their nose up at competing in Eurovision. Have you had any negative comments about it?

I mean not really. I know these types of people as well but at the end of the day regardless of what I do, I’m still Bambie Thug, across the unit. It’s a platform an incredible platform, it’s an audience that’s dedicated and I don’t like when people tarnish artists because of things that they’re involved in, like this. If those people are going to say that kind of thing at me then I don’t need them anyway, there’s 8 million people in this world you know what I mean, who cares about a few of them, you know I think art speaks for itself and my art will continue to speak for itself.

Outside of Eurovision, you’re an artist in your own right, so what drew you to your specific music?

Life. The chaos that is life. [Laughs] I tried to find my sound for a very long time, I’ve done a lot of different styles before I became Bambie Thug. So just allowing myself free rein. There are formals in songwriting obviously and I studied how to do that like pop-wise for years and I think once you get to know what works for you, you can kind of break the boxes of it.

And you love to break the boxes!

I just love to experiment; I love to just try to fuse a lot of things together! ANd I’ve been in sessions where people have said ‘oh no that’s too weird’ and I’m like right I don’t want to work with you anymore. Don’t ever tell me that something is too weird, I always just like to try.

Wow, what an awful thing to say!

Music is playing. I would never go into a session being like “Listen we have to make a TikTok song or we have to make it for this or do this”. We just play and I think we forget the art of play as we grow older, but it’s so important because my best stuff has either been made playing, just like loose, loose ambitions, just doing as it feels. Or it’s me being extremely sad and having to go into the vortex and pull out this song to like help me get out of something. I guess my music has come from relinquishing control of constraints and thoughts.

And a lot of music that I listen to and a lot of movies I watch and a lot of just life experiences and poetry and nature and anything really. I take inspiration from most things.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Oh God, I have so many. One of my biggest ones I guess, musically and stylistically and in fashion is Lady Gaga, 100 per cent. But then down to like lyrically, I would have to say it goes all the way back to like Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon to be honest like old school songwriters. I love so many people though. Stevie Nicks though, and Kate Bush too, in terms of witch queens. There are loads. Barbra Streisand, none of these sound like my music. I love Big Klit, she’s amazing, I’m always, she my favorite artist of the last few years, she’s a very vulgar rapper from the USA and I just think she is incredible, she doesn’t give two cracks about anything. I listened to her at my last breakup, and she healed me and none of it is sad, all of it is literally just like ‘I don’t need this person’ and I can definitely recommend her for any broken hearts or any confidence building.

Apart from Eurovision what are you up to next?

I can’t wait to get back in the studio and make some music. I have 1 single that I need to finish editing a video for. I guess some shows, I really want to play some shows in Ireland this year definitely. I really want to nurture my Irish plant, and grow it, and some festivals I guess and just creating and more time with my family, and that’s me.

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