Eight things we’ve learned about Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott from their gas interviews

Pic: Searchlight Pictures

It’s the press tour to end all press tours.

You think you had fun watching the Don’t Worry Darling press tour? Well, the All Of Us Strangers press tour is even better, because the cast don’t hate each other.

In fact, they love each other very much.

Over the past few weeks, Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal have been busy promoting their upcoming film, and girls, the content has been exceptional.

There’s been giggling, there’s been joking, there’s been cardigans that absolutely do not fit.

It’s been a wild ride, and it’s still ongoing – but before it finishes, please find a comprehensive list of things we have learned from the press tour. You’re welcome.

1. They know each other quite well

In a Vanity Fair video, Paul and Andrew play a Mr & Mr type game in which they answer questions about one another to see how well they know each other.

Clips are all over TikTok. You’ve definitely seen it.

@vanityfair 🚨 Stop. The. Lights. #AndrewScott #PaulMescal #allofusstrangers #hotpriestfleabag #fleabag #normalpeople ♬ original sound – Vanity Fair


2. Both Paul and Andrew are big fans of The Remains of the Day

Of course they are. This isn’t news.

@letterboxd Four Favorites with All of Us Strangers stars Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal and director Andrew Haigh. #AllofUsStrangers is in US theaters December 22, Australia and New Zealand January 18, UK and Ireland January 26. #fyp #foryou #filmtok #letterboxd #movie #movietok #cinema #fourfavorites #paulmescal #andrewscott ♬ original sound – Letterboxd


3. The most famous person in Paul’s phone is Pedro Pascal

Not Denzel Washington – don’t get it twisted.

The most famous person in Andrew’s phone is Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Just in case you needed another Hot Priest reminder.

@buzzfeed Denzel, give Paul a call 🤳 #PaulMescal & #AndrewScott BFF test out tomorrow! #AllOfUsStrangers ♬ original sound – BuzzFeed


4. Andrew likes to write things

One thing about that man? He is going to write things down, even when he’s not supposed to.

@paulruddsbhole obsessed with paul mescal telling andrew scott off MULTIPLE TIMES for writing when it isnt his turn 😭‼️ #andrewscott #paulmescal #ireland #irish #allofusstrangers #funny #fyp ♬ original sound – jackie !


5. They both prefer dogs to cats

During a game with Searchlight Pictures, the pair both admit to liking dogs over cats.

It remains to be seen where they stand on other domesticated animals.

@searchlightpics Tough choices were made. See ALL OF US STRANGERS in select theaters December 22nd. Get tickets now! #AllofUsStrangers ♬ original sound – Searchlight Pictures


6. Connell’s chain lives on

Cast your mind back to 2020 where the internet went feral for a certain piece of jewellery around a certain man’s neck.

That jewellery was a chain and that man was Paul. People were enamoured. There was even an Instagram page. C’mon.

Anyway, the chain lives on as both Paul and Andrew are sporting them on this press tour. Delightful.

@buzzfeed 👻 calling > texting 👻 #paulmescal #andrewscott #allofusarestrangers ♬ original sound – BuzzFeed


7. Andrew likes a negroni

In fact, it would be his go-to cocktail.

“That’s a real sexy first date drink,” adds Paul. Correct.

@searchlightpics Do you know your internet boyfriends? Play along with yours truly, Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal. ALL OF US STRANGERS, in select theaters December 22nd. Get tickets now. #AllofUsStrangers ♬ original sound – Searchlight Pictures


8. Paul’s cardigan does not fit him

It just doesn’t!! And that’s okay.

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