Did You Fall for Magnum Ring Tease? Was Golden Wedding Awkward? Night Court Sendoff Harsh? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Fargo, Night Court, Magnum P.I. and The Golden Wedding!

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1 | What If…?’s Kahhori kinda has to now be a live-action MCU character, doesn’t she? Even though Devery Jacobs plays someone different in Echo?

2 | On Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, are you disappointed that neither Bill nor Lee is the father of Keiko’s son Hiroshi? 

3 | For the Gen Xers, does ABC’s delightful “Glad to Be Back” promo give you “Still the One” vibes?

4 | Was there a better moment on television this week than Anderson Cooper giggling at the mere sight of John Mayer in a cat bar during CNN’s NYE coverage?

Anderson Cooper John Mayer CNN

5 | If your main exposure to David Ogden Stiers was as M*A*S*H’s snooty Boston Brahmin Charles Emerson Winchester, wasn’t it a hoot to hear his natural accent in the Fox documentary’s interview footage? 

6 | After The Rock’s appearance on WWE Raw, are you hoping he faces Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40?

7 | During Percy Jackson and the Olympians, who else got motion sickness from the way the camera whipped around as Percy fell into the river? 

8 | Why would Far go’

s Danish Graves not tell anyone and go by himself to confront Roy, a man he knows to be violent and unhinged?

9 | Did Night Court’s Season 2 premiere — with its sitcom-snappy scenes between Dan/Roz and Dan/Abby — nonetheless draw attention to the fact that the revival still has yet to get a grasp on the Olivia and Gurgs characters? And wasn’t it a bit harsh to send off court clerk Neil with a quick aside telling us he moved to Lake Tahoe with his girlfriend?

Extended Family

10 | Are you finding it a bit jarring whenever multi-camera sitcom Extended Family switches to single camera so Jim, Julia and Trey can break the fourth wall and speak directly to the audience (à la Modern Family)? And the opening credits want us to believe that this is what Jim looked like before he went bald? (Viewers know what Jon Cryer looked like with hair! Just use a photo of him from an early season of Two and a Half Men!) 

11 | Watching Fox’s The Floor, are we not supposed to be distracted by host Rob Lowe’s left earpiece? And even if there are zero pauses during taping (impossible, BTW), do you feel for the ~90 people left standing in place, shifting their feet, for 45+ minutes? 

12 | If you happened to revisit Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building on ABC Tuesday, what did you make of the decision to bleep (and occasionally mute) curse words? Still better than removing lines entirely, right?

13 | On Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, why didn’t Angie get the invite to Heather’s seaside meeting about Monica? Also, they weren’t very secretive standing outside in the middle of an empty beach. Couldn’t Monica, like, see them scheming through her window? 

14 | So, next season will bring us Morris Chestnut as CBS’ Dr. John Watson, Zachary Quinto as NBC’s Dr. Wolf, and Molly Parker as Fox’s Doc…. Is it only a matter of time before ABC announces their own, new medical drama?

Magnum PI

15 | As much as we love seeing Magnum P.I.’s Higgins do badass things, what exactly did she gain by using parkour to descend the motel landings, seeing as she came no closer than Thomas did to catching the bad guy? And was anyone else thinking/hoping that Thomas fibbed about the found engagement ring being Rick’s, so that he could still surprise Juliet with a proposal? 

16 | Did anyone watch The Conners for the first time via The CW on Thursday night? If so, was it jarring for you picking up in the immediate aftermath of Roseanne’s off-screen demise? And now that we know [Spoiler] won’t be back for Season 6, are we due for a new main title sequence? What takeout food should the family feast on this time?

17 | Was the General Hospital anniversary special almost daring viewers to hear what the actors were saying, with the loud, continuous background music? 

18 | At The Golden Bachelor’s wedding, wasn’t it a smidge awkward when former Bachelorette Charity had to interview not one but two of her exes, Joey and Zach, on the red carpet? And not to be haters, but how long do you realistically give Brayden and Christina’s relationship after that surprise proposal?

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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