A Guide to the Biggest Movies From Blumhouse Productions’ Horror Empire

From Paranormal Activity to Night Swim, Jason Blum‘s production company Blumhouse Productions has been involved in some of the most iconic horror movies.

Blumhouse Productions was founded in 2000 with a focus on producing high-quality films on a micro-budget. After a handful of releases, Blumhouse Productions found its first major box office hit in 2007 with Paranormal Activity. The movie used a found-footage concept to follow a fictional couple haunted in their home by a supernatural presence.

Paranormal Activity was made for $15,000 but grossed close to $200 million worldwide following a theatrical release.

“The best producing is acquisition, you know? We did Paranormal Activity [which was] finished. And then I saw it finished, bought it, dressed it up a little bit. You know, that’s the best thing. That’s the easiest,” Blum told Film Speak in 2020. “We did that on Unfriended too. But we also did that on The Visit. Those three movies — we really acquired them as opposed to produced them.”

Blum noted that his priority was investing in people he believed in, adding, “The last thing that I think we do is we really help use the brand that is Blumhouse to amplify shows and movies that might ordinarily kind of get overlooked. And that is a very, very big part about what we do now as a company.”

Blumhouse Productions has since produced nearly 200 movies. The company has also expanded to TV shows, shorts, documentaries, books, comics and podcasts.

Keep scrolling for just some of Blumhouse Productions’ greatest hits over the years:

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